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Story Pirates - 26: National Junk Food Day

Join Story Pirates this week for new story "National Junk Food Day" by Francesca Conti.

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Story Pirates - 25: Dino Bank Robbers Who Actually Stole For Charity

From our dinosaurs themed show comes “Dino Bank Robbers Who Actually Stole For Charity” by then third grader Ethan Griffis!

From our “Spring Break” show in April 2015 comes the story ‘Zach’s Story’ by then-third grader Gabriella Freeman!

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From our “Made Up Celebrities” show in September 2014 comes the story ‘Chris Foxerson's Famous Day’ by then-kindergartener Miller Ochs!

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Story Pirates: 22 - Table Manners

From our pet peeves themed show comes new story 'Table Manners' by Callie Woodchek from Dallas, Texas!

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Take a trip to Oppositeland with the wacky tale by Gabriel Fassler from Brooklyn, NY!

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Story Pirates are back with a case of mistaken identity featuring NFL’s Steve Smith Sr. in “Best Summer Identity Ever!” by then-second grader Drew Wright from Winton-Salem, North Carolina. Featuring an interview with author Drew Wright.

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Lions and snakes and zookeepers, oh my! In this wacky zoo adventure, the animals are running the show. This week’s podcast features the Story Pirates’ adaptation of then-kindergartener Tamar Posin’s story “Lions”, and an interview with the author!

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Just in time for Christmas comes a holiday story from the archives: “The Bear Saved the Christmas” by then five year old Evan Pegorsch. This episode features an interview with now-nine year old author Evan - on his birthday! Happy holidays from the Story Pirates!

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Story Pirates are back with a another adaptation, written by a kid, performed by the Story Pirates! This week’s episode features “Ukulele Island” by then 4th grader Sarah Snyder. First performed in March of 2013 on SiriusXM radio, this podcast features an exclusive interview with author Sarah Snyder!

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