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Form the Make Up Your Own Celebrity show, the Story Pirates present new story "William Woods" by then-fourth grader Zeke Williams!

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In this bonus episode The Story Pirates performa an old classic in front of a live studio audience! The story is "I Love" by a 2nd grader named Makela.

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From the New Beginnings show, the Story Pirates present new story “The New Song” by then-third grader Gus Martone!

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From the Wilderness show, the Story Pirates present new story “Bird Tornado” by Austin Fuemmeler!

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From the Made Up Holiday show, the Story Pirates present new story “Dogs Rights Day” by Emily, Virginia, Claire and Hannah!

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Story Pirates - 31: Train Monopoly Day

Story Pirates presents new story “Train Monopoly Day” by Dani Jaye Toth.

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Story Pirates presents new story “Polar Bears” by Cally Thomas.

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Story Pirates presents new story “Jill’s Birthday” by Louis Lampe.

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Story Pirates are back in 2016 with “The Chris Allergic to Garbage Cans” by Charlie Scott.

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Join Story Pirates for "Lili and the Jungle House" by Sarah, who was in the second grade when she wrote her story.

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