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Story Pirates are back with “There Is A Monster (Snufflepants)” by first grader Jayden Collier, a story that has now been performed live onstage all across the country! Meet Snufflepants, the only monster in his family. In Jayden’s words, “He’s nice I love him.” What else is Snufflepants? Check out this episode to find out! Featuring an interview with author Jayden and his amazing ideas for more monster characters!

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What happens when you combine a kid who doesn't know how to play football and a tornado? Find  out in this episode of the Story Pirate Podcast, featuring the story “Football Tornado” by then first grader Jackson Scott from Odessa, Texas! Join the Story Pirates for this out of this world adventure, featuring an interview with now almost 9 year old author Jackson Scott - including his advice for all you authors out there!

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In this episode of the Story Pirate Podcast, then 7th grader Kaleigh Ringo tells us her wacky version of how a cappella was born in her story, “The Birth of Acapella”! Join the Story Pirates for a trip to Musicville and find out what happens when four kids break all the musical rules. Will their master plan work? Will they be sent to Tickle Island? There’s only one way to find out! Featuring a very special impromptu performance by author Kaleigh and her mom, this week’s episode will be music to your ears. 

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