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From our Water themed show back in August of 2013, The Story Pirates present an adaptation of the one sentence story "Water Falls on My Mom's Head" by then 4th grader Danny Covino

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From our The Future show, The Story Pirates present "The Really Cool Dress" by then 5-year-old Paige Mahoney!

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From our Make Up Your Own Holiday show, The Story Pirates present "This is National Whoopee Cushion Day" by then 2nd grader Liam Gimbel!

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In the last days before the 2016 Presidential election, the Story Pirates present a very special podcast episode featuring "If I Were President" by then-kindergartener Jackson Evans. We've turned Jackson's story into a song, and we want YOU to record your own version to share! Share it on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #ifiwerepresident or record a version to send to us for a podcast episode that will feature some of your masterpieces. Visit to find lyrics, sheet music, a demo track and more!

A big thanks to Story Pirates Daniel Liu, Elena Skopetos, Peter Russo, Dominique Brillon & Jack Mitchell!

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Story Pirates - 42: The Farm Plays Basketball

From our March 2013 radio show, the Story Pirates present new story "The Farm Plays Basketball" by a the- Kindergartener Reid Beatty!

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Story Pirates - 41: Secret Agent Pat P. E. Eves

From our Pet Peeves show, the Story Pirates present new story "Secret Agent Pat P. E. Eves" by then 5th grader Mary Wavering.

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From our November 2011 radio show, the Story Pirates present "The Girl Who Turned Into Spaghetti" by then-first grader Cassandra Smith!

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From our Valentines Day show, the Story Pirates present new story "PB and K, Please!" by a then-pre-kindergartener Carrigan Rose Duffel.

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From the Holiday show, the Story Pirates present new story "Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy" by a then-first grader Malena Vermut-Young.

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From the Sidekicks show, the Story Pirates present new story "The July Surprise" by a then-kindergartener June Marzo.

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