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The Story Pirates are back with  ‘The Weird Backpack’ by then 9 year old Bridget Hermann. When classroom eating backpacks threaten to take over the country, there’s only one backpack up to the job of saving the world! Will the Superhero Backpack with worms in its pockets be able to save the country? Will they make it to Tickle Island?! There’s only one way to find out! Featuring a snow day interview with now 10 year old author Bridget Hermann!

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Story Pirates head to Hotville in "No Ice cream" by then 8 year old Kenna! With superpowers and a little help from a deus ex helicopter, join Super Kenna on her town altering adventures! Featuring an interview with author Kenna!

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Journey into space with the Story Pirates in “Pluto and the Pop Rocks” by John Hobbes Taylor. Why is dwarf planet Pluto sad, and how will the visiting kids cheer him up? Join the Story Pirates on this weird vacation adventure, featuring an interview with author John Hobbes Taylor!

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