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Submissions are now open for new stories written by our kid listeners! In preparation for our podcast relaunch in the fall we are looking for stories about characters the have big dreams! Parents, you can submit your child's story at

In the mean time here are two more classic stories from the Story Pirates Radio archives: "The Dog Who Fell in Love with a Cat" by Kindergartener Kaci and "King Toot-and-Common" by 4th grader Savannah.

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It's time to start sending us stories! With the relaunch of the podcast quickly approaching, the Story Pirates are now accepting submissions of brand new stories written by kids.  Specifically, we are looking for stories about characters that have big dreams and all the things they do to achieve their dreams! Visit to submit your child's story today!

For this episode, we've collected our very best musical stories from the podcast for our very first Greatest Hits release.  It includes Story Pirates fan favorites, "There is a Monster," "I Love," "Angry," "Big Girl Bed," "Water Falls On My Mom's Head" and "Dog Day."

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While Peter & Lee continue preparation for the podcast relaunch in the fall, the Story Pirates present two stories from the annual Make up Your Own Holiday show: "Little Stop-It Holiday" by kindergartener Zoey and "Switcheroo Day by 5th grader Ellie!

Find out more at

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Peter & Lee's summer hiatus continues in preparation for the Story Pirates Podcast relaunch in the fall.  Until then the Story Pirates present a Summer Grab Bag of old classics.  This week features two songs.  The first is from a then-fifth grader named Chuck and it's called "The Rundown." The second is from a then-first grader named William and his story is called, "I Like Lisa."

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As Peter & Lee prepare for the relaunch of the Story Pirates podcast in the fall the Summer Grab Bag continues with two classic stories from the radio archives: "Where's Your Diaper?" by then-kindergartener Ashlyn and "Funny Bunny Holiday" by then-first grader Macey!

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Lee and Peter continue their preparations for the Fall relaunch of the Story Pirates Podcast.  In the mean time, here is another Summer Grab Bag of stories.  This week features two classic Story Pirates songs: "Steve Francis, Six-Month-Old Crime-Fighting Freak" by then-5th grader Andrew, and "Abbey is Silly" by then-kindergartener Sophia.

Lee and Peter are spending the summer preparing for the exciting relaunch of the Story Pirates Podcast.  In the mean time we are releasing a bunch of old favorites as part of our Summer Grab Bag series.  This week's episode features two amazing stories.  The first was recorded live at the San Francisco Sketch Festival. It was written by a 1st grader named Hannah and it's called "I Love Babies."  The second story was recorded for our Summer Vacation themed radio show way back in 2012.  It was written by a then-9-year-old named Sienna, and it is called "Trip to Happy Burg."

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While Lee and Peter prepare for the big podcast relaunch in the Fall, the Story Pirates present another Summer Grab Bag episode featuring "The Alien" by a first grader Faith and "My Pet Peeve" by Kindergartener William.

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Welcome to the Story Pirates Summer Grab Bag! In preparation for the podcast relaunch in the fall, Lee and Peter are going on hiatus for the summer.  in the mean time we will be releasing a Grab Bag of old Story Pirates classics starting with two of our favorites: "Giant Bugs 2" and "Get That Beat"

We're back with our final super special Story 'Splosion bonus episode! This episode features three more classic stories from the archives: "Actor's Day," "The Love Dragon" & "Abie the Manie." Visit to find out more.

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